Sacred Numeric Codes using the Law of attraction APK

Meditations with sacred numbers using The Secret Law to attract your desires.

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The APP of the sacred numeric codes are based on a mysterious mathematics that belongs to other dimensions.

💟When reciting a Code, the energy of the one who is using it merges with that of the Being of Light to which it is being invoked, which brings the manifestation as a consequence.

💟Under this circumstance, the Divine "is almost obligated to grant the request if it is for the health of our Soul obviously.

💟There are codes that act very fast, and others take more time, perhaps because they remove hidden material from a near or remote past.

💟The sacred numeric codes offers codes practically for every situation and circumstance.

💟The Codes channeled by Jose Gabriel Agesta, must be repeated 45 times each time, because this is a number of manifestation, with the Intention of Love from your heart, that is what generates the change.

💟They can be said as a single figure (eg 10243 ten thousand two hundred and forty three)

💟They can be said as a one at a time (one, zero, two, four, three)

💟You can repeat as many times a day as you like, nor is there any rule.

💟The number of days that you make them depends on you, they are usually done until you manifest what you are asking for, there are other codes such as connection with the Earth, etc. that it would be wonderful to always do them.

💟They can be done at any time and in any place.

💟Gratitude is very important, once the sacred code is finished, since we are manifesting the faith that we have, that we have already received the grace.

💟That is the effective gratitude that generates the high vibrations, since it is enhanced by the faith that we have already received it.

Someone owes them money .................... 858
Angels of the law of attraction 87949
The Money Elemental: 47620
To achieve Success: ......................... 2190
Angel of Wealth: 88829
Receive money Unexpected: .................. 520
Slim easily ....................... 32194

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