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Version6.1.2 (1041)
UpdatedMar 11, 2021
DeveloperEzer Croup IT Co.
CategoryApps, Education

Sadeem Student app

This application was from the Zain Iraq Company and the School AlSadeem Company

This app was built in cooperation with Zain Telecom
A system that works to provide high-quality services and provide visual, audio and read electronic and interactive libraries, illustrative and educational tools and visualized curricula that work to develop the student's scientific and educational level and develop his mental and intellectual perceptions.
Benefits and features of the application
For parents
1. Difficulty in observing the student's attendance on a daily basis to school, and documented
2. There is no student monitoring periodically in terms of academic and ethical level.
3. The difficulty of correspondence with the school and communication with it, given that parents are preoccupied with their work and their private lives, and that communication with all teachers needs to be emptied from the family and causes great stress to the teaching staff.
4. Monitor their children scientifically and behaviorally on a daily basis.
5. Full knowledge of the level of the son or girl in terms of grades, attendance, medical leave, the materials that he succeeded in, the materials in which he failed, his scientific strengths, his weaknesses, his moral evaluation, his participation, his classroom activities ... etc.
6. Homework arrives early on by mobile phone before the student returns home.
7. The ability to chat with teachers, teachers, or the school administration at any time within an advanced messaging environment in which the ability to send and receive photos, video clips and voice tags is available.
8. There is no urgent need to attend the meetings of the Council of Fathers and Mothers, given the guarantee of daily communication with the school through the system.
9. Knowing the school's news, notifications, activities and parties by reading the general school news page through the application on the mobile phone.
10. The possibility of social sharing with other parents through the comments and likes feature available in the application.
11. Easy access to the detailed report on his son's condition from the school at any time (such as his grades, absences, classroom activity, and assessment of his academic level in academic subjects, strength and weakness) and is sent to him via the system and viewed through the application on his mobile phone.
12. Providing the necessary effort and time to follow up on children in the school through frequent visits, attending parent-meetings and losing the balance by phone calls or messages for question, follow-up, investigation and problem solving, all of this was addressed through interactive electronic communication with the school through the application. Everything you need to know about your son is provided by the Sadeem Plus system for you while you are at home.
13. Building a strong relationship with the school administration through continuous communication between the two parties.

Benefits and features of the application provided to the student
1. There are many tools that help him in reading and studying, such as textbooks, the visual and audio library, and electronic questions.
2. Obtaining homework on a daily basis through the application.
3. Communication with parents, the school, and the teaching and teaching staff.
4. Communicate with fellow students in the same department.
5. Communicate with each school through comments and chat on the general news page.
6. Having a very fun, intelligent and entertaining testing system.
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