Saetgang Catch APK

Let’s attend Eco Walking Tour of Discovery Seoul 2016& meet friends in Saetgang.

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UpdatedOct 25, 2016 (4 years ago)
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Let’s attend Eco Walking Tour of Discovery Seoul 2016 and meet friends in Saetgang.

◈ Let’s find friends living in Saetgang!
Please help Saetgang-I find friends living in Saetgang.
Run the app and press ‘finding friends’ button. It shows the location of friends living in Saetgang.
Get closer to those friends. Your phone starts to vibrate when you get closer to them and let you know their locations.
Now, look for a little more.

◈ Saetgang Catch!
When friends are in sight, press ‘finding friends’ button and find Saetgang friends by turning your smart phone camera 360 degrees and moving it up and down.
Friends caught successfully can be found in ‘friends box’. Try to catch all the 14 kinds of Saetgang friends during the Saetgang Eco Walking Tour.

◈ Application
You will receive a prize if you catch all 14 friends.
Even if you fail to catch all friends, you still have a chance to get a prize through ‘Drawing numbers Event'

Please, help Saetgang-I find friends living in Saetgang after attending Eco Walking Tour of Discovery Seoul 2016.

※ Cautions
- Saetgang Catch Game and Event will take place only along ‘Saetgang walking trails and its surrounding areas.
- Walking with your eyes fixed on your smart phone may cause a big accident. Please make sure to look out for danger while walking along using a smart phone.
- You can receive a prize only during the event at a booth for prize application at mission destination.(Seoul Marina Square)

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