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Here is an app that can be used to view the details of events.

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Finally, here is an app that can be used to view the details of events created by organization. View all the pictures and videos that the organizer has taken and uploaded for a function. View the pictures and videos of the functions, events, vacations, etc. on the go. Just login to the app as a guest and see all the available events that are being hosted or has been hosted. Explore the pictures and videos related to each.
Once logged in to the app, you can view the name of all the organization that are hosting and have you enrolled in. In these organization’s category, you can see the events that are hosted wherein all the media files corresponding to each events can be found.
• View all the gallery files of the events hosted by multiple organization that have you enrolled in
• Explore the gallery of events. Watch and view all the pictures and videos related to the same
• Explore the images seamlessly, zoom in and zoom out to get clearer details present in the picture
• Get yourself enrolled from the administrator of the events and gain access to all the hosted galleries
• Contact management is also possible here. Just add the contact numbers of the users in the app as an administrator
• Get notified about the latest happening of the events where you are invited
• Manage contact lists of the users and make phone calls directly from the application as a “member” user type
• Manage and edit permissions about the visibility of the media to the users as administrator
• Create events and add members and users to it
Here are the details of the app permissions that gains access to user’s phone:
• Contacts: We ask users to give access to their contacts This enables the user’s ability to save their contact on the app and have access to it wherever required
• Call: This also allows the users to make phone calls to the contacts that are saved in the app.
Coming soon:
• User types like ‘administrator’ and ‘member’ can store their documents on the app which will be only accessible to them. They can gain access to this from anywhere round the globe from the app
• The documents stored in the app can be downloaded anytime and anywhere from the app
If there is a problem that you think we could solve for you, let us know! We would love to listen to your opinion about the app and better ways how we can improve the system.
Just shoot us an email at safar@shyopura.com
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Email: safar@shyopura.com

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