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Accurate prayer (salah) schedule, Quran with translations. No ads. 100% free

Sajda - recognized by more than 2 million Muslims around the world as the most accurate application to determine the prayer (salat) times, including Athan, the direction of Qibla, Islamic Hijri calendar and so on. Quran reading & recitation with translations in many different languages.


• Accurate, approved by the clergy prayer times for each country.
• Automatically switch to a new location
• Adhan: visual and audio notifications of calls to prayer with different voices to choose from mu'azzins.
• Today menu widget to access prayer times directly from your device
• Animated Qibla compass showing the direction of Mecca.
• A live broadcast of Masjid al-Haram mosque (Makkah).
• Beautiful background pictures for your taste.
• Beautiful Quran
• NO ADS at all

SAJDA translated into:

• English
• Russian
• Kazakh
• Uzbek
• Arabic
• Indonesian
• Malay
• Turkish
• Spanish
• Urdu
• (soon more)

қазақстан намаз уақыты, врема намаза россии, ўзбекистон намаз вақтлари, o‘zbekiston namoz vaqtlari, тоҷикистон намоз вақти, татарстан намаз вакыты, нохчийчоь ламазан хенаш, türkiye namaz takvimi

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