Sakong Samgong Indonesia APK

Samgong Sakong, popular poker card game in Asia that’s easy and fun.

Version1.9.0 (191)
UpdatedNov 22, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperSuper Poker
CategoryGames, Board

Samgong(Sakong) poker game is very popular in south east asia. Easy gameplay, intense room, winning also count on luck and mental battle. Popular between card lovers.

How to play Samgong(Sakong) :
♠ 52 cards (no Joker), 1 Banker and few players, each players will play against Banker. Player’s point that is closer to 30 (no more than 30) will have better winning chances.
♠ Player place Bet -> Each player get 3 cards -> According to point then choose action -> When finish, every player start comparing cards.
♠ Add cards rules: Point < 21, automatically add cards; 21< Point < 30, can choose add or stop; Point >30 is bust

Samgong(Sakong) Feature:

♠ Various Gameplay. Other than Samgong(Sakong) , this apps also provide 10 different popular card games, play what you like.

♠ Complete Feature. Album feature, show your self; Bank Vault, save your coins; VIP system, enjoy the highest benefit.

♠ Make friends. Meet various Samgong player around the world, compete against them.

♠ Interactive Item. Beer, Rose, Kiss, Egg, Tomato, Bucket… Lots of interactive items that make the game more fun!

♠ FREE Coins. Login reward, task reward, bankrupt support… Lots of FREE coins every day, play till satisfied!

What's New

1. New Game: New Slot game, cooler display, funner game!
2. New Event: Monopoly. Play cards, shake dices, takes you topping wealth rank!
3. New Benefit: Play get reward. Play today till certain amount, get the rewards tomorrow
4. Optimization: Top up rebate event. Top up today, rebate today! Huge reward for loyal player!

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