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Apple blossoms are available as many screensavers. Can crop, resize as needed. The apps that are online only. New photos are updated continually.

Sakura (Japanese: 桜, 櫻?; English: Cherry blossom, Japanese flowering cherry) is a common name used to refer to the national flower of Japan, many species in the genus Prunus, including cherry, P. jamasakura and P. serrulata is native to southern China, Taiwan, the islands of Okinawa. Japan has white flowers each petal has a different number on each type. Features of Sakura is when they fall down at the same time. Sakura is a symbol of the military and the way the Japanese Bushido.

With cherry blossoms in Korea, USA, Canada, China, or the other, but no smell. While Sakura of Japan, a lot of people appreciate cherry scent. And tend to deposit in the poem. The cherry blossoms are blooming in late March - early April. This is an early spring. Temperatures begin to warm up the winter is gone.

The word "sakura" in Japanese. Believed that the erosion of the word "Saku Ya" (咲 耶; Means bloom) as the name of goddess. "Konoha's not Okuyama Himeji" (木花 之 開 耶 姫) in Japanese mythology. His shrine is located on the top of Mt. Fuji. The name of such a goddess. Signify "Princess Blossom" and because Sakura flowers are very popular in Japan at that time. The above means that the flowers blossom there. Goddess such a name like that. Because there is a story that had fallen from heaven. So on the cherry tree blossoms are considered as representative of Japanese flower. While the Japanese government to "chrysanthemum" (chrysanthemum) is the national flower.

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