Monitor officers activities & Sales Ordering System. One app for your full team.

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********************* SALES TEAM TRACKER FEATURES*****************

Location Tracking
* You will be able to see your officers location on Google Map or View in real time.
* You will be able to see all officers last location information on single window.
* It also keep offline location when officers out of internet.

* Officers can send their attendance IN and OUT. It will consider GPS location during attendance send.
* Finally, we will get officers monthly working period from attendance report that will help you to analysis officers working progress.

Traveling Management
* Officer will send traveling information with traveling purpose, transport details and conveyance bill. It will consider GPS location. As a result, you will see that your officer went to the exact location or not. It helps you to prevent fake bill and save money for your organization.

Task Assign
* Supervisor can send task to his/her subordinate.
* Supervisor can see the status of his/her given task that is done or not with officer comments.
* Task report help you to evaluate officers performance.

Customer Visit (Prevent 100% fake visit)
* Officer can keep customer or dealer or retailer visit information by Visit management system.
* Customer Visit help to manage next followup information.

Tour Management
* Officer can manage his/her tour information.

Own Task Management
* Officer will send daily visit or activities that need to be finish.
* Officer can update his/her task status that is done or pending.
* Supervisor and Admin can see his/her officer daily activities from here.

Contact Book
* All officer will get company officers contact number from here.
* Officers are able to make a call from here through mobile network or internet.

***************************** SALES ORDERING FEATURES********************

Sales Ordering
Officers are able to send sales order. It will goes to admin for invoice.

Sales Invoice
Responsible Officer only able to see sales order and can generate invoice from sales order. He also can cancel the order.

Sales Delivery
Responsible officer can make delivery from invoice. It can deliver from assigned any warehouse.

Collection Entry
Officers can send collection information. After that it will goes to verification

Collection Verification
Responsible person will verify or decline the collection after receiving payment from his officers.

Sales Target
Admin can provide monthly, yearly sales target to his officers. Sales Target VS Sales Report shows the officers performance.

Collection Target
Admin can setup collection target. Collection Target VS Collection shows the Officers Performance

Informative Dashboard
It is excellent features of this app. It will show all company sales and collection and many more in single window.

security implement
* It is very important issue for an organization.
* Admin can give supervisor access to group leader.
* One group member cannot see another group member information.
* Administration or head of group leader can see all officers information.
* Possible to implement Location wise, Department wise security access.

* Excellent reporting features.
* Admin can generate monthly report by excel or pdf from here.

What's New

100% Satisfaction, No-1 Sales Team Tracker App in the world.
Most Attractive features of this app is Dashboard.
Major Features
* Location Tracking
* Officer Attendance
* Traveling Management
* Customer Visit Management (Stop Fake Visit)
* Tour
* Task Management
* Bill Management
* Sales Ordering (Order Send, Collection Send, Target VS Sales, Target VS Collection and many more...)
* Report export by Excel or PDF

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