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Sami Yusuf (born 1980) is a British singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, record producer, and humanitarian who grew up in London. Yusuf gained international attention with the release of his debut album, Al-Mu’allim, in 2003. Now with over 34 million albums sold,He performs at packed venues around the world. The BBC, CNN, ARTE, FRANCE 24, Reuters, Time, Rolling Stone, and Music Week are among the media outlets that have covered him and his work. His seventh studio album, Barakah, was released in 2016.

In recognition of his humanitarian work, in 2014 Yusuf was appointed United Nations Global Ambassador for the World Food Programme.
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- Al-Mu'allim
- Allahu
- Asma Allah
- Eid Song
- Fiyyashiyya
- Forgotten Promises
- Hasbi Rabbi
- Healing
- I Am Your Hope
- In Every Tear He Is There
- It is a Game
- Jaaneh Jaanaan
- Lament
- Make Me Strong
- Mast Qalandar
- Mother
- Munajat Arabic
- River of Milk
- Supplication
- The Centre
- Try Not to Cry
- Wherever You Are
- Who is the loved one
- Ya Mustafa
- Ya Rasul Allah I
- Ya Rasul Allah II
- You Came To Me
- Pearl
- Fire
- Go
- Khorasan
- Prism
- Circle
- You
- The Key
- Sari Gelin
- Khorasan (Arabic - Bonus)
- The Parties
- Inna Fil Jannati
- Hamziyya
- Ya Nabi
- Ben Yururum Yane Yane
- Araftul Hawa
- Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum
- Asheqan
- Barakah
- Iron

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