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Sandhi APK

Practice and enjoy, splitting and joining of Sanskrit letters (Sandhi)

‘Sandhi’ is a free app by Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation. It contains:
• Explanation of rules in Sanskrit and English for 24 Sanskrit sandhi-s.
• Tables for each sandhi to facilitate easy understanding and memorization.
• Numerous examples for each Sandhi.
• Joining and splitting exercises for each sandhi
Using these, you can quickly master the art of splitting and joining Sanskrit letters, which would help understand Sanskrit sentences and verses better.

List of Sandhis Covered
1. Yan sandhi
2. Yaanta-vaantaadesha sandhi
3. Poorvaroopa sandhi
4. Savarnadeergha sandhi
5. Guna sandhi
6. Vriddhi sandhi
7. Pararoopa sandhi
1. Shchutva sandhi
2. Shtutva sandhi
3. Anunaasika sandhi
4. Jashtva sandhi
5. Chartva sandhi
6. Anusvaara sandhi
7. Parasavarna sandhi
8. Chatva sandhi
9. Poorvasavarna sandhi
10. Ngamudaagama sandhi
11. Tugaagama sandhi
12. Satva sandhi
1. Lopa
2. Utva
3. Rephaadesha
4. Sakaaraadesha
5. Jihvaamuliya/Upadhmaaniya

Use this app today to
• Master the science of letter combinations in Sanskrit words
• Understand Sanskrit sentences better by splitting the words correctly
• Enhance Sanskrit reading skill and writing skill
• Improve logical reasoning, analytical & cognitive skills
Sandhi app is a light version of the detailed multimedia product ‘Sandhi’ developed by Vyoma Labs. The full product contains animations, games, charts and much more which will enhance your learning experience. The product can be purchased from our website in CD and Windows Downloadable versions.
Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation is a non-profit company working with a vision to reach ‘Samskrtam-Samskrti-Samskara* (SSS) consciousness to every individual on this planet
*Samskrtam= Knowledge System; Samskrti = Culture and Heritage; Samskara = Values and Virtues

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