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Latest Version

NameSanlam Unit Trust APK
Version1.2.3 (3)
UpdatedAug 30, 2021
DeveloperSanlam Investments East Africa
CategoryApps, Finance

Sanlam Unit Trust App

Invest with Sanlam Unit Trust on the go – anywhere, anytime!

The Sanlam Unit Trust Mobile App is designed to offer Unit Trust clients access to their accounts at their convenience to view their account balances, download mini statements, withdraw money among other features.

The Sanlam unit trust scheme offers a choice of three investment products to suit your investment needs for as low as KES 2,500:

Sanlam Pesa+ Money Market Fund
Sanlam Fixed Income Pata +
Sanlam Balanced Fund

Unit trusts pool contributions from many investors into one large fund (pooled fund) and invests in a variety of financial products, including money market, treasury and corporate bonds, shares and property. These funds provide a good investment option due to the nature of “collective investments", which benefits from the expertise of an experienced fund manager diversifying your money and lowers the risk of losing your investment.

There is no limit to the amount you can invest or top up within the fund. Unit trusts are regulated by the Capital Markets (Collective Investment Schemes) Regulations 2001, and an independent trustee provides governance on the operations of the Unit Trusts.

Unit trusts will offer you:

Quick access to funds (liquidity)
Diversification of investments
Excellent returns
Expert decision making
Flexible and affordable investment
Cash withdrawal facility
Professional investment input in the creation of investment value
Lower/minimal investment costs
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