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For students, music composers, artiste's, & fanatics of Indian Classical Music.

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SaRas for Moorchana:
Moorchana is a technique used in Indian Classical Music explore a given Raag or a chosen set of swars. At times new Raag's can be created as well. The technique is beneficial to music composers, advanced students of classical music, and established artist's.

For a detailed explanation visit: http://ptvijaybakshi.blogspot.in/2015/09/moorchana-explained.html

To assist in this explorative and intensely creative process, "SaRas for Moorchana" is designed as a easy to use and flexible tool - keeping in mind the needs and habits of creative people.

1) 12 Main Swars - to select a set/combination of swars
2) Moorchana swars - these appear above the selected swars. These are 'moving' swars and their position can be changed by using the navigation arrows in the top corners.
3) 12 Tanpura - a set of tanpura's from Safed 1 to Safed 7.
4) Vocal Harmonium - Tap the keys to play it like a normal keyboard instrument. Except, multiple keys at the same time (like a piano chord) cannot be selected.

1) The app requires Adobe AIR, a runtime environment which is published by Adobe and is available free on the Play Store. If your device does not have it, it will automatically prompt you to download and install.
2) The are no ad's or in-app products.
3) When the app is interrupted by another task (eg. a phone call) all the audio in the app stops playing, and resumes once you come back to the app.

Happy exploring!!

Email: nmpanse@gmail.com

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