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Ace the SAT Math by Playing any of 4 modes; Timed, Challenge, Practice, and Test

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UpdatedAug 09, 2017 (3 years ago)
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Tired of all the studying for the SAT? Anxious whether you can pass or not? Well fear not, In this Fun yet educational Game for the Math SAT portion you will be able to practice and study without getting bored!

You can play any of the 4 available modes;

Timed: Questions that have certain point values (depending on the difficulty) and have a certain amount of time that you must answer within, Oh and you can only get 6 wrong answers!

Challenge: Questions just like the Timed portion that have a certain point value and certain time, also you have only 3 chances to get a question wrong!

Practice: This mode is to practice, Questions have no point value, you have unlimited time and lives, you also get 2 chances to answer each question!

Test: This mode simulates an actual SAT test, you have about 45 minutes to answer all the Questions, and you must answer a minimum of 30 questions to move on, you also get only 8 chances to get a wrong answer!

This application will also come with frequent updates that keep the questions and answers up to date so you can continue to pass SAT tests!

Email: almawlah@ymail.com

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