Satellite Finder with GPS Director 2020 APK

Setting TV satellite, azimuth help of compass and satellite direction help

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UpdatedJul 12, 2020 (3 months ago)
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That is very difficult to find a TV Satellite with antenna in azimuth very difficult. Lots of time spends to find a suitable TV Satellite because more than 280 TV satellites are available so it is very painful to find specific satellite.

Need to find accurate precise location with your antenna so you have to need a compatible compass with your device so you find your TV satellite with compass azimuth is the best FREE app for finder.
You need a real compass because some of compass is totally fake and useless so you need to find accurate value with this compass so use real and accurate find of compass.

Quality of Accuracy
Need to accurate value for satellite you need to take some measures with your Android mobile phone.
Remove any cover on your phone
Casing is effect of measurement
Metal and other thing that cover the device remove it
Try to take measurement outside the room or near the window
This is the best taking of measurement.

How it Works
It works with compass behavior. You need to accurate with best GPS Location with the best accuracy and the pointer cursor and step need to take accurate measurements with the best and accurate location. You move your antenna with the help of pointer and GPS azimuth.

Extra Features
Satellite dish antenna setting is available
Augmented reality
Selectable audio tone
Camera preview
Color Picker
Taking Screenshots

You get all the satellite antenna measurements from Agi’s database. This database contain the information of all satellite working on TV network so this is the best database and you fetch the information from this database.

Near Places
Find with the help of this app and the help of GPS you find the nearby places and your favorite places for your help and save your time.

Current Location
Save your current location and send your location via mail text massage and share on social media.

GPS Status
With the Help of setfinder app you check your GPS status and correct your GPS status.

Dish Pointer
You can get the accurate placement of your app with the help of Dish pointer and set your antenna with cursor movement.

Warning: warning of app user is that you can use the app and calculate measurements so you can remove all metals on your mobile and remove casing and any material cover your mobile phone. Some variations occur like magnetic variations etc.

Satellite position derived from Agi’s database. So some calculations are seems like not accurate but its accurate measurement.

What's New

Accuracy Increased

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