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Its amazing satfider app. User can satfinder with Geo Area Calculator.

Satfinder (Satellite Director) Geo Area Calculator and level meter with inclinometer is a tool for helps you to set up satellite Quick dish. Satellite finder (Satellite Pointer) provides LNB tilt and specifies azimuth (ABS 2, ABS 3A, ABS 6, Afghansat 1, Africasat 1a, Afristar, Al Yah 1, Amazonas 1, Amazonas 2, AMC 10, AMC 11) elevation according to your location relates to GPS and it will choose satellite. This accurate satellite finder (satfinder lite – tv satellites) will shows both numerical and in graphical details on map by which you will find satellite (satfinder satellite pro) accurately. This tv satellite finder and dishpointer (satfinder 2018 pro dishpointer) will provide satellite like azimuth and BSAT 3A, Chinasat 10, properly to help in finding accurate tv satellite (satfindr pro) antenna and it will help you to set up your dish tv (quick dish tv). This satellite finder gets accurate Satfinder (SatFinder 3D Augmented Reality) geo area calculator with clinometer and level meter is an app which will help you to find satellites and set up satellite dish (Enigma2 satfinder) and antenna. Satellite Finder includes their geographical positions and gives you level meter you to accurate you dish level. Satellite Finder (satellite locator) will provide a list of all satellites and their sighting angles for your position. You may easily add a new satellite or changed satellites by this satfinder( satfinder attech) geo area calculator with clinometer. Satfinder(
(Satellite Finder & Satellite Pointer Satfinder) geo area calculator with clinometer is a simple and useful application that helps you align any antenna. It's quick and easy; you just need to enter your location, select the satellite you are pointing to and click calculate. Sat finder(Quick sat) gives you the most accurate calculation of Azimuth, Elevation, Polarization, Tilt, and Range. Sat finder shows the result in both as numeric data and graphical on google maps.
This Satellite finder(BT satfinder) will give you azimuth, satellite director elevation and LNB tilt for your location (GPS-based) and selected list satellite. He built into the compass that will help you satellite director and(satellite director pro) to find the appropriate satellite azimuth. Sat finder can also use augmented reality to show the satellite director where the satellite on the camera tool view is.
If you are a professional dish installer you expect to be in the field at the time you need pointing and options Sat Tracker is a small utility which allows users to find Satellite(satellite locater with clinometers)and lots of information for setting up a dish antenna correctly information.And make your opinion.