1- Convert between Bitcoin to USD real-time rate calculator

1- Convert between Bitcoin to USD real-time rate calculator.

2- Get bitcoin to usd price instately.

3- Easy btc to usd price converter and satoshi to usd. We have more than 9 sources when you can get accurate rates.

Why this app?

Usually when you trade on exchanges, the gain is calculated using satoshi. Sometimes you like to know
how much did you win in United states dollars. But often, you only have fraction of bitcoin or satoshis.
Most of converters don't allow to convert satoshi to usd. This is why We have created this app

Who needs to convert BTC to USD price or satoshi to usd?
Bitcoin (BTC) has become a global payment system. Many freelancers, companies and workers use Bitcoin to send and receive payments.
Often, the amount is agreed upon in dollars but the final payment is made via bitcoins.
So, you end up converting bitcoin to usd.
Usually 1 btc to usd changes every second. This is basically due to trading.

How does out Bitcoin to USD price convert work?
We call data from a Bitcoin price index when you open the app.
Then, we allow you to enter a Bitcoin amount to convert to USD. We then multiply the amount of bitcoin you entered by the current prices of bitcoin.
All of the sources are customized. You can choose the exchange you want.

Do you have a way to easily convert common units like .01, .001, 1 and .05 BTC into USD?
Yes, we do. And this is a feature that only our app have. You can convert satoshi to usd, btc to usa, and so on!

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