Savannah Merge! Wild Animal Park & Safari Zoo Game APK

Savannah Merge! Wild Animal Park & Safari Zoo Game


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Latest Version

NameSavannah Merge APK
Version1.2.4 (63)
UpdatedAug 10, 2021
DeveloperMobiapps Kft
CategoryGames, Puzzle

Savannah Merge! Wild Animal Park & Safari Zoo Game Game

Build your own safari animal park with real animals and manage the savannah zoo!

Get ready for your best safari journey of 2020! Take care of cute wild animals, evolve your animal collection, expand your safari camp and become an animal park tycoon! Merge, design and craft to run the splendidest savannah zoo on the animal planet!

🐘Write the story of your own savannah animal family☀️

- Save beautiful and kind savannah animals from evil hyenas!
- Transform desert jungle scapes into a huge zoo with a rich wildlife!
- Enjoy your safari journeys while interacting with your wild pet animals!
- Find out the story of every animal and discover wildlife!

🐫Have fun and merge new animals🦜

- Merge is the best gameplay to craft more cute and unique animals and evolve your animal collection! Tap to merge to win!
- Merge everything you see to get legendary wild animal species, unlock new levels and locations and expand your wildlife camp!
- Enjoy using fun powerful boosters to get more coins and build your savanna zoo even faster! Think like an animal park tycoon to build the biggest zoo ever!
- Get regular game updates so that you could evolve your safari animal family and build your wild zoo bigger and bigger by merging more animals with every game update!

🦚Collect your own wild animal collection🦏

- Evolve your animal collection with every new level!
- Start merging your wild animal pets from cute adorable baby animals and then transform them into beautiful and powerful beasts! Upgrade your wild animal family and add new savanna animals in your collection every day!
- Collect diverse animal species: gorgeous lions🦁, gracious flamingos🦩, fun monkeys🦧, stylish zebras🦓 and plenty of other cute and wonderful wild animal pets! Can you collect them all in your savanna craft zoo? Find out in Savannah Merge!

Start an incredible jungle adventure story with your own wild animals! In Savanna Merge the animals look as real as in the animal simulator, so you don't need animal simulation games to enjoy the beauty of the wild nature. Savanna Merge can give you more than a pet sim game - here you can merge the whole collection of animals and become an animal park tycoon!
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