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Save the slime forest! APK

The slime forest is dangerous! Evolve your slime and defeat your enemies!

[game introduction]
The enemies appeared in a forest where the slimes live among the forests.
Drive out the bad guys who are threatening peaceful forests !!
If enemies are allowed to enter the slime forest,
Slimes will be sad T ^ T

[How to play]
1. 'Touch' to defeat the enemy.
2. Send slime to fight.
Soon more powerful enemies will appear.
Strengthen the money you earn by defeating your enemies!

[Lovely slime]
Soft and puddly slime!
The little body bounces plump and attacks the enemy !! > _ <

[Automate everything]
Get the slime you need for the upgrade automatically!
Automatically evolve the slime!
Automatically combat evolved slimes!

Can you clear this stage safely?


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