SCADA users can now see their ramp/soak program or "recipe" graphically.

Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedMay 17, 2014 (6 years ago)
DeveloperDave Streeter
CategoryApps, Productivity

This app is designed for SCADA users who want to be able to view their program for a ramp/soak controller. Such a program can also be known as a recipe of set-points and dwells.

There are 3 screens:
1. Main input screen for a program with a graphical view of the program. The “Add”, “Change” and “Delete” buttons allow the program to be edited. The “Refresh” button redraws the graphical view. The “Reset” button clears the program.
2. Main graphical full screen view of the program.
3. The program shown in comma separated value (csv) format. This allows easy entry and retrieval of the program as it can be copied and/or pasted. The “Load into Program” button takes the CSV data and tries to build a program from it.

This app shows up to 99 segments (or steps) in a fixed width graph detailing target set-points 1 and optionally 2.

Segment/step 0 is the start set-point.

Future enhancements:
• Segment/step width to be optionally based on time.
• Events to be added up to 10 per segment/step
• More TSPS

Email: streeterdjp@gmail.com

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