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Scary Granny is Coming! Best horror game out of free scary games.

Version1.2 (3)
UpdatedSep 30, 2019 (1 year ago)
DeveloperWind Breakxr
CategoryGames, Simulation

In this Scary Granny House 2020 Mystery you will face difficult challenges like you can see dead body and try to find the murderer but the killer is very clever and they present this murder like an accident but you can see all this situation for some distance but night you can’t see the killer face and this time you will collect all clues and try to catch killer and punish in the Granny horror house games 2019 or. But for this preps, you will go horror and most haunted jungle and in this place, you can see Horror Investigation Games the mystery of the haunted house and some oil tank so you decide you can inter this is my town haunted house. But you afraid because you can listen to some mouse on screen scary stories about this murder crime horror forest and my town haunted house free but will for gat all this story hidden stories and go to collect all clues in this mystery puzzle solving games 2020. Sometimes you fell someone standing your backside and try to kill yourself sometime you can listen different horrible sound just like a ghost but you can forget all this thinks and try to get your goal in the neighbor horror house game 2019 and Scary Games Free. So you will enjoy the amazing adventure in this Scary Granny House 2020.

This bloodthirsty murderous Scary granny has been living here since the beginning of times. These young lads banding together over the course of horrifying summer to once and for all end the evil reign of the devil town but their mission is not that easy at they thought in the beginning and instead town kids are stuck in the haunted house for real and are captured in their own worst nightmare. Now the friends must overcome their own personal fears to battle the murderous, bloodthirsty Scary Granny in a haunted house. The car broke down just adjacent to the house, these lads came in for some help and it seems they shouldn’t have come near the devils den rather continue their journey on the other side of the town, but adventure and mystery attracts the passersby to search for the answers and now the gang has to escape from the place in order to stay alive.

There is an old scary granny witch inhabited along with disembodied bloodthirsty spirits of the deceased who may have been former residents risen from grave inside scary house who likes to play with kids and in the end, they all end up dead, but this cannot happen to Jessica daughter. After a detour of old haunting house, Jessica discovers a group of crazed, murderous outcasts poltergeist ghost creatures living inside the haunted house and there is no sign of Amie the daughter but finds some belongings of her in the hallway. She must now follow and solve the mystery, finding her way into the creepy building battling the scary psychopath old witch in a haunted house, in the midst of phantom assassinations and spine chilling horror story Jessica has to band together with her daughter and flee from the evil possessed ancient demonic palace. Evil Granny - The Horror Game 2020 revolves around a mom trying to find the daughter in some haunted place captured by the evil witch with her satanic powers.

Top Features

High-end 3D haunted house graphics.
Fearful and tension atmosphere.
Horror and interesting game levels.
Lots of ghosts, monsters and evil creatures.
You will feel the terror in your bones
That slender devil gives the creeps.
Addictive and challenging rooms.
Tricky puzzles and innovative brainteasers.
Hidden objects, locks & keys and more challenge await!
Gorgeous graphics and different themed rooms!
Scary atmosphere.
High-quality scary music.
High quality and Realistic graphics.
Compelling layers of mystery.

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