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Spooky tombstones made from STYROFOAM add a ghoulish touch to your Halloween festivities . . . or 'over-the-hill' birthday party.

Completion time – 2-4 hours

1- 12" x 1" disc
2- 2" x 12" x 36" sheets

Other Materials
Floral knife or serrated kitchen knife
Old candle (to wax knife)
Letter stencils (optional)
Straight pins
Wood burning tool
White craft glue or low melt glue gun
Square edged floral picks
Acrylic Spray Paint:
golden yellow
flat white
light green
Assorted dried flowers
Spanish moss
Ceramic or real jack-o'-lantern (optional)


With STYROFOAM™ Brand Products, it's easy to add a ghoulish touch
to Halloween festivities. If you're a shop owner, this eerie design
can be displayed in a window, on the shop floor, or rented out as
a party prop. For frightful fun at home, use the tombstones on the
porch, in a dark corner, or as a centerpiece. Before you begin,
review the Creative Design Tips below. They will help your crafting
time go smoothly and enjoyably.

Haunted Halloween tombstones made from STYROFOAM™ brand floral and
craft plastic foam will elicit shrieks and shivers from party goers
and trick-or-treaters.

1. Cut one of the 2" x 12" x 36" foam sheets into two halves,
each 2" x 12" x 18". Using a waxed knife, cut a tombstone
shape from each half. If desired, cut a cross shape from foam
scraps; attach to top of tombstone using glue and floral pick.

2. Pin stencils to the surface of tombstones and trace
appropriate letters with a wood burning tool; or, sketch
letters freehand. Etch cracks, borders, scrolls and other
design details freehand with the wood burning tool. (Always
work in a well-ventilated area when using heat with STYROFOAM™
Brand Products. To avoid possible burns, do not touch molten
foam with your unprotected hand.)

3. Spray letters and details heavily with black paint. Using
silver paint, spray tombstones at an extreme angle to cover
tombstone surface without filling in black details. For a
muted gray color, spray flat white paint at the same angle
across the tombstone. If a more aged look is desired, lightly
spray tombstones with light green paint, again at an angle.

4. If black lettering and details have become hard to read,
touch up with black paint.

5. Cut bottoms of tombstones at an angle; using floral picks
and hot glue, attach tombstones to remaining sheet of plastic foam.

6. Spray paint disc golden yellow; attach to base with long
floral pick dipped in glue at both ends. Be sure pick is
hidden behind tombstones.

7. Trim base to desired size; decorate with your choice of
Spanish moss, branches, twigs, dried flowers and leaves. Add
optional jack-o'-lantern or other Halloween decorations.


Cutting: A serrated knife, hacksaw, floral knife, or X-acto knife
easily cuts through STYROFOAM™ Brand Products. Wax the knife blade
for easier, smoother cuts.

Sanding: For smooth, round edges, "sand" the foam with another
piece of STYROFOAM™ Brand Products. For large pieces, cut first
and then sand to the final shape.

Painting: Spray paint with acrylic paints. Enamel or lacquer-based
paints may contain active solvents that can damage foam.
(See paint manufacturer's instructions for details.)

Gluing: White craft glue is ideal for STYROFOAM™ Brand Products.
Use floral picks or toothpicks to hold the pieces together until
dried. For faster bonding, try a low melt glue gun; hot glue guns
can be used, but they will melt a small portion of the foam.
(Please follow manufacturer's safety instructions when operating
a glue gun.)
for further information and detail tutorial, download this application now and you will have what you want.
please enjoy this tutorial and give us any feedback.

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