Scary Pink Lady Granny: Barbie Scary Mod 2020 APK

Evil barbi is roaming everywhere, stay cautious...

Version1.0 (2)
UpdatedFeb 19, 2020 (1 year ago)
DeveloperAxondev Studio
CategoryGames, Adventure

Pink Lady Barbi Granny game is the latest version of Barbi Granny game with new features of survival
and adventure to escape, You must find the escape route from the Barbi Granny house doors, you will
have to use all the tools and unlock doors finding the key hidden somewhere in structure of barbie
granny house mod, that will help you get out of here with some ease. The door of horror pink lady
granny is locked and you need to find a way in limited days. You have to try to get out of her grammy
house, but be careful and silent because pink lady scary is roaming here and there in search of meat.
You can do it in Granny's house be careful and quiet. Indispensable that you love granny mods with pink
lady’s adventure.
Pink barbi lady has chain to block everything, cut it with your axe, destroy planks with your hammer, but
beware of bad horror granny sound, if you listen scream sound run away immediately. She has kept
book shelf which you must open to find the secret book of granny branny secrets. Your aim is to release
these miraculous scary barbie souls from this haunted house. You need to find keys of multiple types,
inside granny house barbi mod you have sliver key, golden key, old key and more keys of different colors
to free this house from bad souls of pink lady granny mod.
Trapped inside a scary house and mansion of barbi are for human, people before you have also tried
many times to do so. Accept the challenge of barbie and use your mind to find the tricky way to out and
in order to escape from granny who is dressing like cute Barbie pink lady
Evil barbi Granny hears everything be cautious not to attract his attention or make noise to attract it…
Features of Game:
1. Scary scream sound effects and challenge.
2. Survival mission with strategy to make.
3. Stunning environment with Quality graphics.

What's New

+ More Scarier
+ Improved User Experience.
+ Bugs Squashed.

Email: axondevgames@gmail.com

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