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Scientific calculator with graph.

Solve any simple, complex or engineering mathematical problem on an electronic worksheet.
Mathematics computationally supports calculations such as the integration of fixed-percentage differential graph and 3D-dimensional graph, and also equations for repetitive and exponential functions, serials, account book, etc.

Designed especially for high school students and university students, most important engineering students and business students are for everyone.

[ How to use ]

Editing and writing is done on a worksheet that facilitates the addition of arithmetic operations and has the advantage of flexibility, storage in memory and the ability to view, save and retrieve equations.

Computations: All math mathematical formulas have been added, so you can add any form of computation such as combining, subtraction, multiplication, division, complex equations, and integrals and functions through the buttons at the bottom of the application screen.

Variables: This calculator allows you to add any variable, whether in Arabic or English, and allows the values ​​to be set for the variables as well as for the rest of the mathematical and engineering equations.

Graphs and three-dimensional: There are types of graph and not one type such as surface graphs or axes and 3D graphs, and you can add them directly from the buttons below the screen and put variables and mathematical equations on them easily.

Sequences and integrations: Sequences were added to a calculator such as the Taylor series and series of functions.
Trigonometric functions: Ga, Gaussian, Zeta, and other trigonometric functions are easily used to trace annotations within the application.
There is an explanation with examples within the application.

The main interface: contains a welcome user and explains some of the tasks of the application and where to start.

Right side menu: Contains explanation with examples of how to use with detailed explanation of each calculation.

Left side menu: Contains the tools used in calculator such as save, export, delete, delete, open file and open new page.

Worksheet: When you add a new worksheet you can start calculations that are automatically saved so that your math data is not lost.

[Technical Features]
1. A multi-use, flexible drawing paper.
2. Account automatically.
3 - Adding infinite calculations, functions, equations, graphs, 3D and axes.
4- Works in any language, Arabic, English, Spanish, Chinese, etc.
5 - the inclusion of texts and control their characteristics.
6 - inclusion of images and control their characteristics.
7- Full explanation with examples.
8. Automatic computation of mathematical calculations.
9. Save in any folder and slot at any time.
10. Export and refund.

[Aesthetic features]
1- Themes and colors of multiple aesthetic application.
2 - texts and all sizes and characteristics.
3. Automatic numbering of texts.
4 - Photos of all sizes and characteristics.
5 - control the graphs of all characteristics and colors.

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