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Apr 20, 2024
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Download now Scopa: the challenge, the traditional card game with millions of players and with many game modes, many different decks of cards, prizes and bets, choice of the number of players, online matches to play... and much more! Play Scopa or Scopone online, even without registration, or log in with Facebook.

Here are the main features of Scopa the challenge:

Exciting online matches: Test your skills in Scopa or Scopone online matches via Wifi or 4G. Play with your friends or find random opponents and experience incredible challenges to the last card! You can also log in with Facebook or play as a guest without registration.

Customized game modes: Are you a true card game lover? Choose whether to start a Scopa game for 2 or a scientific Scopone match. Adapt the gaming experience to your preferences.

Prize pools: Increase the excitement of the game by choosing how much to bet and winning the prize pool! The more you risk, the more you win! Test your strategic skills and accumulate virtual riches.

Train offline: Don't have a connection? No problem! Train in Scopa offline against artificial intelligence (AI) and win coins. Keep your skills sharp while waiting for your next online game!

Special events: Participate in exciting special events on themed tables with amazing prize pools and dedicated rankings. Outdo your opponents and prove you're the undisputed Champion of Scopa!

Social experience: Share your passion for card games! Add friends, write, chat, and remove players, all in one dedicated section for your friends. Find players you get along with and invite them to your next Scopa game!

Monthly special tables: Unlock new special tables each month and discover a constantly fresh gaming experience. Become a Scopa master by unlocking them all!

Rankings and statistics: Track your scores and progress with rankings and statistics. Monitor your improvement and aim for the top to become the Scopa champion!

Collect trophies: Challenge yourself and win all the trophies. Can you get them all? Prove you're a complete Scopa player!

Wide selection of regional card decks: Choose from 11 regional card decks, including the beloved Neapolitan Cards, French Cards, Piacentine Cards, and many others. Customize your gaming experience with your favorite deck of cards!

For your Scopa or Scientific Scopone games, there are many decks of cards available, from Neapolitan to Brescian cards!

Bergamasche Cards
Milanese Cards
Neapolitan Cards
Piacentine Cards
Sicilian Cards
Trevisan Cards
French Cards (poker)
Sardinian Cards
Tuscan Cards
Brescian Cards
Romagnole Cards

Scopa is one of the most beloved card games in Italy and boasts a vast community of millions of players worldwide. Accept the challenge and test yourself! Reach the top of the rankings and become the best Scopa player in all of Italy.

Are you a fan of online card games? Download Scopa now and show your skills.

For assistance, doubts, or error reports, contact us at:

WARNING: The game is NOT categorized as a "remote game where real money is bet", it is not possible to win real prizes and money with the use of this application. Playing often with this application does not correspond to a real advantage in "remote games where real money is bet".

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