SCP Escape APK

Try not to die in the SCP complex!

Version4.1 (32)
UpdatedDec 14, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperIntelligent cat
CategoryGames, Action

Game in the SCP Foundation universe.

In the game, you have to listen to sounds and react properly to the situation, And survive in a dangerous complex SCP Foundation!

At the moment, the game can be found:
1. SCP-173,
2. SCP-096,
3. SCP-409,
4. SCP-106,
5. SCP-1162,
6. SCP-294,
7. SCP-1499,
8. SCP-1499-1,
9. SCP-055?
10. SCP-1123,
11. SCP-330,
12. SCP-966,
13. SCP-079,
14. SCP-249,
15. SCP-895,
16. SCP-087,
17. SCP-049,
18. MTF.

1. Everything happens in an interesting SCP universe,
2. There are 2 languages ​​in the game,
3. Atmosphere,
4. Unique SCP objects.

Have fun!

What's New

Added a new ending (scenes associated with the ending);
Added the ability to remove the skin;
Added 2 new skins for SCP-173;
Added the ability to continue the game after the defeat;
Fixed bugs with icons after the defeat;
Fixed some minor bugs.

Email: intelligent.cat.apps@gmail.com

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