Roar to start the crazy voice activated game! Run& jump, don't stop sounding!


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Apr 4, 2017
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Scream Run– Voice Control Game GAME

Enjoy the unique 2D voice-activated game with your friends!

Control the lovely character to move and jump with voice, keep him away from enemies, and get him out of troubles and obstacles.
During the game, there will be a variety of obstacles and situations. Please concentrate all your energy to help the character complete his challenge.
Talk, sing a song, play music, scream, shout out, or roar with laughter, or even groan in different degrees, the lovely character will move with all vocal commands.
One thousand players called a thousand! Share with your friends, listen to what they called. The phantasmagoria of sound and noise are funny, hilarious and crazy.

----How to play----
Advance slowly with low voice.
Jump ahead with loud voice.
You need to find the tips and tricks to complete the stages.
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