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Smart reminders to limit phone usage and focus on good habits

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Improve your self-control and reduce phone addiction through real-time interventions

It is very easy to get addicted to your phone and forget about other things in your life. Tens of thousands of years would not be enough for you to view all the content and information available on the internet.


To do list
Create a list of tasks and habits to be reminded of whenever you're using your phone too much.
Maintain focus on activities that improve your life.
We've included some suggested habits such as meditation and exercise.

Maintain a sleeping schedule by blocking apps during bedtime and switching to your attention to something relaxing.
Sleep better by maintaining a schedule and fall asleep faster by listening to our guided meditations, bedtime stories or nature sounds.
Hand picked sounds, meditations and videos will calm your mind and prepare you for sleep

Night Light (Blue light filter)
Reduce screen blue light to become less alert and fall asleep easier.
This also helps in reducing eyesight degeneration according to recent research

Usage stats for phone and apps
See total and specific application usage per hour/day/week.
Daily average usage
Daily Inactivity intervals useful for tracking your sleeping habits
A lock screen notification will show how your phone usage compared to yesterday. This encourages you to compete against yourself and incrementally reduce your screen time each day

App usage limits
This allows you to set daily usage limits for apps. After a limit is reached the app will be blocked and the limit cannot be changed. Blocked apps and their limits are unlocked the next day

Overuse breaks
Short breaks (between 30s and 2m) after using your phone continuously for at least half an hour.
Only whitelisted apps can be used during a break. By default some important apps have been whitelisted to ensure Stop Time Waste will not interfere with important tasks. This feature allows you to take your mind off your phone, refresh your mind and maybe remember other things you were supposed to do.
A breathing exercise may appear to make you more mindful of your mental state.
At other breaks a chatbot will make you aware of your phone habits or give you health and wellness tips

Delay app start
When enabled for an app, anytime you open it or switch to it a short break (30s to 1m) prevent you from using it. This small discomfort starts reducing your habit of checking apps frequently. We are used to opening certain apps with an absent mind so Skreentime can intervene and disrupt this unhealthy habit

Reward points
You get rewarded for reducing your usage with points which can be used to skip limits

Eye care notifications 20-20-20
Get notified every 20 minutes spent using your phone to look away at something that is 20 feet away from you for a total of 20 seconds. This exercise is recommended by doctors to help in preventing eye strain which may manifest through:
- sore, tired or burning eyes
- blurred or double vision
- watery, itchy or dry eyes
- headaches

To begin reversing your smartphone addiction or nomophobia you just need to install the app.
Some important apps are whitelisted and will not be affected by the overuse break. You only need to install the app to start your digital detox. The default settings are a good start to take control of your wasted time

What's New

Android 10 bug fixes

Email: office@stoptimewaste.com

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