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Scuba Diving Simulator: Underwater Shark Hunting APK

Play as underwater scuba diving hunter to hunt deep blue sea monster white shark

Version1.4 (14)
UpdatedDec 09, 2019 (1 year ago)
DeveloperCollider Game Studio
CategoryGames, Action

Get ready for the most exciting scuba diving simulator & underwater shark hunting game in 3D. Experience fishing with harpoon as well as with gun and forget the regular fishing. Here you are an ace diver & swimmer breaking into the fishing world. Hunt fishes underwater with spear gun without angling rod. There is nothing more thrilling than hunting shark with a rifle. Scuba diving simulator & underwater shark hunting is the summer 2018 water game for your enjoyment and fun, while playing this beach and water game you will get the real feel of swimming and diving in deep blue waters. Now you don’t need to go to any beach or swimming pool. You have the real sea diving simulator in your hands, open it and jump into the water and enjoy the real water surfing simulator. You can walk on the beach to explore its different parts and also can run to the sea and swim, to make this swimming game more interesting we have added treasure in the deep sea and you have to find it by diving in the water, swim by the arrow and complete the water game levels to open next. To hunt dolphins peeking above water use bow arrow. Dive in deep Blue Ocean and swim around to explore big shark live aquarium with eels and squids. Feeling fishy get rid of angling rod and tension gauge jump in freshwater swim towards fish horde reduce distance.

In scuba diving simulator & underwater shark hunting game there are no time limits for swimming or deep water diving you can play it anytime anywhere and at any place. The killer shark is furious jaws unleashed aim to hunt down megalodon in ocean depths. Hunt the big shark in North America Ocean, dive into clear water and start swimming for hunting the big ones megalodon in fish hunting simulator 2018. Play this scuba diving simulator & underwater fish hunting as you will be a professional swimmer in realistic deep sea environment with sea animals swimming around in water. So jump from your power boat simulator & swim freely with jumping dolphins. Avoid hitting turtles, dolphins, whales & water monster animals.

Scuba diving simulator & underwater shark hunting game is here. Become the killer shark of the seas and munch on scared humans. Sharks have evolved themselves so that they can tear apart their victim when they are hungry or angry. The beach is full of innocent people so that the shark can eat them. Attack them when they are unaware so that you guarantee a kill. The game is designed to give you the real experience. Go on killing spree in depths of ocean and rip apart everything in sight & become sea monster and kill spear hunters, a brutal megalodon, cause havoc and turmoil in underwater world. Killer shark will kill you with its razor sharp jaws, so get ready to hunt the most wanted fish and become ace shooter enjoying angling with your rifle in this fishing season with your scuba mask in lake with seamless cozy water and prove your diving skills. Avoid hitting into coral reef and algae in deep waters shark rampage. Aim to shoot shark, hunt sea monster and dangerous predator to seek revenge for human killing. Enjoy the massive gameplay on colorful paradise island and explore the realistic sea life in 3d open world environment. Get hooked on with this real fishing game, dive in freshwater trap angry sharks towards you.

Scuba Diving Simulator: Underwater Shark Hunting

• Discover and Hunt Mysterious Creatures of the Deep Sea Water
• Recruit Baby Sharks to Boost Your Predatory Powers
• Sink Yourself into Deadly Blue Sea Shark Hunting Missions
• Amazing & Ferocious Great White Shark Attack Simulation
• Animated Aquatic Animals Including Shark, Orca, Whale, Dolphin, Jellyfish and More.
• Awesome Underwater Environment Visuals and Magical Sound Effects
• Shark Hunting In Underwater Sea Battle Arena
• Smooth Game Play and Easy Controls
• No Wi-Fi Needed, Play Offline Wherever You Want


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