Sea Devils - The Pirate Adventure Game APK

Pirates, fight ship battles for treasures, adventures in the Caribbean sea!

Version1.1.58 (81)
UpdatedJun 28, 2019 (1 year ago)
DeveloperRadar, LLC
CategoryGames, Role Playing

Ahoy! Welcome onboard, Captain!

We’ve been all soaked with good rum, but we’ve missed black flags, blue waves, and powder fume in our lives! In this journey we will get to chase and face cutthroats just as ruthless as ourselves, board their ships and send them to the bottom!

We will explore new seas!
We will discover new seas and new lands. We will sail so far and come back with such treasures that they will tell legends about us in every port of the Caribbean.
Conquer the sea and capture towns and bays. Use ancient maps to find untold booty. Watch the story unfold and explore the thrilling narratives full of intrigues and unexpected twists!
Join the ranks of legendary pirates!

We’ll recruit a crew of daring cutthroats!
Do you want to become a real captain? Start with getting a real crew! Recruit the most fearless and daring pirates and reign the sea. Each pirate has their temper and their unique skills. Train your heroes from green rookies to salted seadogs and become a fearsome and powerful captain. Rule over every sea!
Use and combine your crew’s skills to make it through every level, riddle, riff, and peril!

We will bring back glory of the good old days when the sea belonged to us!
To rekindle pirate glory, you have to build a pirate town. The citizens will pay you back in kind and help you strengthen your ship every time you upgrade the buildings!

We will see some glorious battles! Keep your powder dry and sharpen your cutlasses! Enter the world of thrilling battles. Fight everyone and become a legendary captain. Show them what being a true pirate means! Conquer the sea, protect your land, and expand your influence! Join the ranks of the most famous captains of all times!

Call your soulmates to battle – those who are tired of sitting on the shore!
Set an example for those landlubbers – call them to the sea! Show them your treasure chests and your scars, tell them about your adventures – and they will never miss their life on land. Start and wipe out pirate brotherhoods, join vigorous pirate alliances from all over the world and show them what you’ve got! We’ll see who ends up with the largest booty!
● Get regular updates with new exciting levels, content, and other surprises!
● Google Play game services supported
● Facebook: facebook.com/seadevilsgame
● Support: support@seadevils.online

What's New

Ahoy, captain! We have something new:
⚓️ New raid boss: Mammoth!
Can you beat him?
⚓️ Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Pipe all hands on deck!

Email: support@seadevils.online

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