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Searching for Superhumans docuseries / Lee Holden (YMAA)

Stream or download the complete “Searching for SUPERHUMANS” docuseries and bonus material in six separate IAPs. Learn How the Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary. Join Lee Holden and David Verdesi as they seek the world’s greatest masters to discover how far human potential can go.
Ancient cultures have discovered many secrets of unlocking human potential to transcend suffering and achieve unwavering inner peace. There is an ongoing revival of these powerful mind/body teachings made relevant for modern times. We’ve all heard of legendary masters doing incredible feats, cultivating tremendous energy in the body, and using astonishing mental abilities and psychic powers. Imagine being able to generate energy like an electric eel, or move someone without touching them.
In Searching for SUPERHUMANS, you will see for yourself all of this and more. The docuseries is interspersed with meditations and techniques to help you tap into your own abilities and explore your inner potential.
•Transform stress, fear, and anxiety into personal power.
•Open your mind and enliven your body to live a healthier, happier life.
•Use breathing exercises and meditation to cultivate your higher consciousness.
Searching for SUPERHUMANS is about igniting the human spirit, raising our collective vibration, and motivating humanity to shift toward our highest potential.
ENERGY includes bonus complete interviews with Deepak Chopra, Rev. Deborah Johnson and Robert Peng. Series includes scenes with Wim Hof, Mantak Chia, Tami Simon, Ian Baker, Bruce Lipton, Amanda Feilding, Dan Siegel, Marisa Cranfill, and others. 3 hrs 37 mins - 217 mins

ENERGY Chapters:
Episode 1: Inner Potential of Energy
Episode 2: Power of Mind
Episode 3: Cleansing Past Conditioning
Deepak Chopra full-length interview
Reverend Deborah Johnson interview
Robert Peng interview
MIND Chapters:
Episode 4: Energy of Combat and Healing
Episode 5: Feeling Frequencies
Tami Simon interview
Wim Hof interview
David Verdesi, Ian Baker & Amanda Feilding
Vairochana: 7-Point Meditation Posture
Mantak Chia interview
Marisa Cranfill interview
Mind Science: Deepak and Bruce Lipton
Mind Science: Bruce Lipton and Dan Siegel
Energy is the great mystery of life. The ancients described Qi as the source of vitality, energy, health, and well-being. Where does it come from? How can it benefit us? Where do we get more of it? Qi Gong translates as the “skill at working with energy.”
•Discover how to increase energy naturally
•Simple stretches to clear tightness and tension
•Techniques to cultivate deep lasting vitality
•Flowing movements to enliven the body, mind, and spirit
Qi-Gong means "energy-work". Qigong (chi kung) is the ancient art of building the body's Qi (energy) to a higher level and circulating it throughout the body for rejuvenation and health. Some Qigong is practiced sitting or standing still, while other Qigong can be a kind of moving meditation. This gentle Qigong exercise is a highly effective way to reduce stress, increase energy, enhance healing, and generally improve your quality of life.

Similar to yoga, Qigong can stimulate the entire body deeply with low-impact movement and develop a stronger mind/body connection. The slow, relaxed movements are widely recognized for their health benefits, such as boosting your immune response, strengthening the internal organs, muscles, joints, spine, and bones, and developing abundant energy. A Qigong session makes one feel strong, centered, and happy.

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