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Monitor your horse’s health and performances with the Seaver app.

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UpdatedJan 24, 2020 (5 months ago)
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Connect the app via Bluetooth to our girth or girth sleeve and get unprecedented insights about your trainings. Seaver will help you progress and take care of your horse.


With its dedicated mobile application, the Seaver girth and sleeve allow you to obtain information about your training and horses’ physical condition in real time:
- your horse’s speed
- heart rate
- distance covered
- calories burned
- training duration

It also stocks data to provide detailed analyses after training sessions and thus help monitor the horse in the long-term:
- right/left lead and gait analyses
- locomotion analysis (symmetry at the trot, cadence and elevation at each gait)
- anomalies detection (to detect a lameness before it even occurs)
- effort analysis (distinction between the different phases of the session; fat burning, cardio training, and overtraining)
- jump information (height, path, strides, strike force…), and so much more!

Very soon, you will also have access to personalized content and exercises based on your level and previous training sessions; to help you and your horse progress.

You will thus be able to properly organize your training sessions, work on your horse’s balance, avoid overtraining, improve your jumping skills, maximize your performance, prevent health issues such as lameness, and adjust your horses’ diet.

Learn more about Seaver and our products at www.seaverhorse.com

Email: dev@seaverhorse.com

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