Easy to hide private photos, videos & apps in your phone with secret calculator.

Now a days privacy is very important for your phone data so try this Secret Calculator vault to hide your videos, photos & application with data.

Secret Calculator helps to hide your photos & videos in few seconds & also hidden from intruders.
An amazing calculator vault where you can secretly hide photos, videos & lock applications without anyone knowing secret behind calculator.
Your files will be secretly stored in vault and can only be viewed after correct password is entered on calculator panel of this application.

This calculator worked as normal calculator if you doesn't enter correct password, you can also calculate & solve mathematical equations.
Hide your photos, private videos in safe locker with application secure.
You can easily import your photos, videos & behind this you work with fully smart calculator.

Features :-

* Very easy to use as smart secret calculator.
* You can access secret calculator by inputting “=” on the calculator.
* You can use daily routine for mathematical calculations.
* Hide private photos & videos.
* This files will be hidden and can only be accessed with correct password.
* Brand new themes for calculator & application lock screen.
* Easy to manage, delete, unhide, move photos & videos in vault.
* You can only open private photos & videos by typing correct password into the calculator.
* More security on private applications.
* Powerful & faster app lock with different lock themes for your better privacy of your applications.
* Fake password screen & show fake content in some cases when you need to open secret locker in front of other person, so anyother person not open your lock easily.
* Show intruder captions who crack your locker & record all photos of intruders from inside the application itself.
* You can show all captions while open this application find full details of intruder.
* Intruder selfie will be taken of people who enters incorrect password into your application lock.
* Unlimited storage limitation for your hidden files.
* Locked applications using classic PIN pad.
* Easy to lock particular application from the list.
* Smart calculator with different colorful themes.
* Easy application lock & change PIN.
* For first time install, if you set calculations like 1500 +/- 1000 then press ok then it is 2500 or 500 & your password is 1000 to access application.
* You want to enter your recovery email screen & it will help you to in forget your password & recovery you can change after by your self.
* You can find plus button to add private photos, private videos to safe gallery also you can make your private folder to easy access.
* When you uninstall this application you can take backup for it otherwise all data can be deleted.
* Your data will be safe stored in folder as you can import any photos and videos inside vault.
* Show intruder data in intruder details, show intruders details with date & time wise.
* Secret Calculator doesn't store your hidden data online, it will saved only in your storage.

Device Administrators & BIND ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE Permission :-

By Start Protection, You will be asked to activate Device Administrator Permission for this app because it uses device administrator permission for prevention of accidentally uninstallation.
To Uninstall this app you need to deactivate device administrator.
Easy to deactivate by turning off start protection from the app or you can go to Settings->Security->Device Administrators from your phone anytime.
Allow BIND ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE permission to use applock so that you can use the app lock feature fast & reduce battery usage.
This app uses Device Administrator & Accessibility Permission.

Secret Calculator - Hide Photo, Video & App Locker may look like simple calculator with naked eye but has a secret gallery lock behind it.
Notes : Before uninstall this application unhide your personal files and data otherwise it will be lost forever.
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