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This is a romantic visual novel where you'll be able to dress your avatar up.

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UpdatedFeb 20, 2019 (2 years ago)
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【Secrets in Spades】
You open your eyes to find yourself being sold off on a black market auction, and before you know it you've been sold... for 30 million dollars?? He whisks you away to a luxurious high rise hotel, where you find yourself ensnared in world of celebrity and high-stakes intrigue.

DYeahhe man who bough you says you've known each other since you were children...
...But you can't even remember your own name! And he's your fiance?!
You soon find yourself whisked away to the penthouse of a luxurious high rise hotel,
where you're caught up in a world of celebrity and high-stakes intrigue.


This is an Otome game, a romantic visual novel where you'll be able to dress your avatar up and play through story scenarios, choosing how you'll make your way through a romantic adventure until you reach one of the endings. Will it be happy ever after?

Free and easy to play!
* With some extra scenarios, items, and outfits for your avatar are available for purchase.

【The Guys of the Heartjack Hotel】

- A top-ranking surgeon with an ego to match.
A plastic surgeon with domineering personality and a bevy of attractive customers from the entertainment world, he stands to inherit Fujisaki Hospital from his father.

- A stone-faced, stone-hearted hotel mogul.
The proprietor of the Heartjack Hotel and leader of a Hotel Group that runs numerous luxury Casino Hotels all across Japan, he controls everything that happens on the King Floor.

- An heir to a noble house with a surprising sadistic streak.
A quiet-seeming man and heir to a venerable school of tea ceremony, he may seem gentle, but...

- A smoking hot actor who's as much a diva off set as on.
The son of a family with a distinguished apparel brand, he's a popular actor and model with good looks in spades.

- A devoted butler willing to do anything for his Mistress.
Your devoted and caring servant for the past five years, he's ready to fulfill your every whim.

Planning: NiNO

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