SeeSoundLive APK

A smartphone app that helps deaf signers develop speech (children & adults)

Version1.149 (5)
UpdatedMay 03, 2019 (2 years ago)
Developer4S Medical Research Pvt. Ltd.
CategoryApps, Medical

SEE SOUND LIVE is a new way to learn how to speak for hearing and speech impaired children and adults who have had very limited / no success with hearing aids or cochlear implants or speech therapy and who currently rely only on sign language. The Application on your smart phone allows you to try to speak new sounds, starting with basic sounds like Aa, Ee, Oo etc and then moving onto more complex sounds like Oi, Aiee.

See Sound Live gives the user a feedback on how well he is doing with trying to pronounce these sounds on the screen. It also gives some articulation tips and volumetric feedback. By practicing these new sounds, the user is able to improve his performance in uttering these sounds one by one. In due course, the user is able to pronounce many of these sounds clearly.

Once the user has mastered pronouncing these basic phonetic elements, he / she is able to join these to utter simple words.

In this whole process, See Sound Live relies on the users ability to SEE changes on the smart phone screen INSTEAD OF HEARING for the same. This unique feature allows a hearing and speech imparied person to master speech since he / she is already an expert in using their eyes and visual brain instead of their ears

Email: care@seesoundlive.com

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