Selaria Epic is a idle card RPG.


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Apr 27, 2023
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Selaria Epic GAME

Selaria Epic is a idle card RPG. To make the game more interesting, we have added playing card, soldiers, composits, mazes and other gameplay elements to give you a different experience.
Let's go! line up! Forward! Lead your legendary heroes and fearless soldiers against the devil! Save the land of Seraria!

#Game Features#
■ Easily idle game experience
You can play and stop whenever you want. Anytime, anywhere, online or offline. Build your army of heroes and soldiers, and they will automatically fight for you. One-click operation, level transfer, lossless reset, easy progression.

■ Hero cards that integrates playing card elements
Jack, Queen, King. Open any deck of regular playing cards and you will see your heroes: Jack of club-Lancelot, queen of spade-Athena, and king of club-Alexander. Collect your own hero playing cards!

■ Free combination of combat strategies
Easy to learn but hard to master. There is no strongest hero. Each hero and soldier has its own characteristics. Combine them flexibly and freely to defeat strong enemies.

■ Fair play
Ace duel and brawl game. Absolutely fair PVP battlefield.
Strategically deploy your lineup to outmaneuver your opponent in battle.

■ Diverse gameplay
Real-time combat, match-3 synthesis, roguelike maze and other diverse gameplay. Simple and fun, ready to play!
We will continue to update more interesting gameplay!

■ Peak competition for global players
Adventure across Seraria with adventurers from all over the world and challenge powerful bosses together. Let's fight for the highest glory in peak competition!
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