Start building credit with Self

The Self credit app (formerly Self Lender) gives the option to build credit history while you save. Self can even help people with a low credit score or no credit history!

Over 400,000 people have built their credit & saved more than $300 million using Self’s Credit Builder Account. You can open an account in this app! And now you can use the Credit Builder Account to get the Self Visa® Credit Card (after meeting minimum requirements outlined below).

How does the Credit Builder Account work? Think of it as a savings plan that builds credit, starting at $25* per month.

1. Apply for a Credit Builder Account.
2. Pay off your Credit Builder Account in the specified amount of time. You choose the payment term and dollar amount that fits your budget.
3. Monthly payments are reported to all three credit bureaus while the principal is saved in your CD.
4. Once you’ve paid off your Credit Builder Account, your CD unlocks; the money is yours (minus interest and fees).

The Self Visa Credit Card*** is a secured credit card that lets you use your Credit Builder Account savings progress to secure the credit limit.

But there's no extra deposit is needed up front and no hard credit inquiry. Once you're eligible, we’ll let you know!

It works like this:
• Open a Self Credit Builder Account.
• Make at least your last 3 monthly payments on time.
• Have $100 or more savings in your account.
• Have no outstanding fees.
• Choose your credit limit and get your card****.

Active Credit Builder Account payments are reported to all three credit bureaus. Also true for the Self credit card.
With the Self credit app, you can check your credit score at no cost.*
Unlike credit card applications, Self doesn't do a “hard pull” credit check when you create an account.
All accounts are held with one of our bank partners and the CD is in your name. Our systems use measures like two-factor authentication, 256-bit encryption, and fraud detection to protect your money and private information.
- Used by hundreds of thousands of people to build credit history
- Featured on ABC News, USA Today & more
- Featured in NerdWallet, and Credit Karma

“Love love love this program and this app! In eight months my credit went up a hundred and nine points. Super happy and can't wait to renew once the first year is up” - customer Debbie G. Individual results may vary.

“I recently moved to the states and had no established credit. Using this service along with two prepaid credit cards, my score went from 4 - 710 in 9 months. I took a 12 month term with only $50 payment per month but I'm already thinking about applying for a larger Self Lender loan as soon as this completes to further build my score and save at the same time” - customer Neil M. Individual results may vary.

“Easy way to take control of your credit” - customer Rafael M. Individual results may vary.

Reach us at, by chat at or via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

When you download and use Self, you agree to the Terms of Service at:

You may review Self’s privacy policy at:

*Sample products are $25 monthly loan payment at a $526 loan amount with a $12 administration fee, 24 month term and 15.32% Annual Percentage Rate; $150 monthly loan payment at a $1700 loan amount with a $9 administration fee, 12 month term and 12.03% Annual Percentage Rate. Please check the pricing page in the Self mobile app or for current pricing.
**Credit scores will only be available to customers who our third-party vendor is able to validate.
*** Lead Bank, Kansas City, Missouri, is the issuer of your Self Visa® Credit Card.
**** Please note, these requirements are subject to change.
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