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Dec 10, 2022
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Daily affirmations with Selfpause are designed to help you overcome negativity with positive affirmation meditation. Use us to create a powerful mantra to manifest success in all areas of your life as you meditate with the law of attraction (LOA) and law of assumption. Visualize success with thousands of affirmations professionally recorded into tens of categorized tracks. Selfpause is the perfect visualization tool to give you some self pause and any department of your life a boost.

Selfpause is a transformative app available for anyone looking to transform their mind, body, and spirit to achieve a hopeful, joyful, and successful life.
Selfpause is an amazing app for those new to the psychologically-altering potential of positive affirmations. It contains such unique and specific affirmations that it allows even experienced visualizers to take their affirmations to a whole new level.

With the ability to record and listen to your own affirmations, along with over a hundred hours of thought provoking and inspirational guided manifestations, Selfpause is the perfect tool built to serve YOUR positivity needs.

These guided affirmations – artfully written and specifically designed to help you overcome negativity and manifest joy into all areas of your life - include a large variety of topics that include:
*Millionaire Mindset
*Weight Loss
*Overcoming Panic Attacks
*Overcoming Stress
*Think and Grow Rich
*Lasting Relationships
*Dating Confidence
*Happy Marriage
*Relationship Commitment
*Overcoming Depression
*Marathon training
*Healthy Body Image
*Diet Motivation
*Networking Confidence
*Mental Clarity
*Eliminate Debt
*Investor Mindset
*Sales Success
*Dream Career

Other app features include:
*Daily positivity reminders
*Categorized personal recordings
*Ability to write, record, and listen to one’s own positive affirmations
*A pleasant library of soundscapes and music to both layer on top of recorded affirmations and to listen to by themselves

Selfpause is free for anyone to download and use without any ads. A large selection of the categories and features will be free to use forever.

However, some categories and features are only available to those with a premium subscription. If you choose to become a subscribed member and access the entire Selfpause library, payment will be charged to your Google Account once there has been a confirmation of purchase.
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