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Version1.2.0 (8)
UpdatedMar 30, 2021
DeveloperBanjiha Games
CategoryGames, Simulation

SEOUL 2033 : Shelter Game

Manage the Shelter in Seoul, devastated since the nuclear explosion.

'SEOUL 2033 : Shelter' takes place in ruined city of Seoul after a nuclear explosion. As the Shelter 1 Administrator, you manage the shelter to survive.

◆ Never Ending Choices
In the Shelter of Seoul 2033, your choices, as the Shelter Administrator, is the only thing that matters. Carefully choose who to keep or who to exile. The future of the Shelter depends solely on your choices.

◆ Strategically Manage Resources
Ration, Defense, and Mentality are crucial for maintaining the Shelter. Manage to maintain people from starving, getting hurt, or from losing their spirit. As the state of the Shelter changes, the story will also transform.

◆ 25 Unique Characters
New people persistently come to the Shelter. Hunter, Teacher, Electrician, Streamer, even a retriever and a child... It is your choice to whether or not to take them in. Be sure to check out each character's unique background stories.

◆ Over 300 Various Stories
The Shelter's stories endlessly transforms and creates new results every time.
Discover hidden stories and earn difficult achievements.

◆ 'Friendly Faces of Seoul 2033
'Seoul 2033: Shelter' takes place 18 years before 'Seoul 2033'. Revisit characters such as Yeppy, Aunt, Hunter Choi, Yeong-Jun Son and many more. Experience their past lives.
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