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Version3.7.7-groovebox-free (2077)
UpdatedFeb 22, 2021 (1 week ago)
DeveloperSequence Software
CategoryApps, Music & Audio

Make beats, bass lines and melodies using powerful synthesizer and punchy drum machine. Effortlessly sketch your ideas in piano-roll and step sequencer. Use launchpad to play different combinations of loops to build your musical ideas. Experiment with various parameters of the synthesizer, sample and effects to shape your sound. Record with a metronome, correct your performance by clearing selected pads, load and tweak drum samples, experiment with EQ, reverb and delay on each individual pad/sample. Refine loop in the drum sequencer.

Install Sequence Groovebox and check its smooth and accurate recording, seamless loading and swapping of samples without stopping your drum beat, intuitive effects tuning.

Sequence Groovebox has SOLID ROCK timing, sequencing and tempo/bpm control!

For best experience - please use Sequence Groovebox with regular headphones or speakers.
Don’t use a Bluetooth headset or speaker because it introduces additional audio latency.

Counting in
Continual tempo change from 30bmp to 400bpm

Professional pattern editor, step sequencer
Clear individual pads
Clear whole pattern
Change pattern length
Duplicate (double) the pattern

Load sample from internal library of 300+ drum samples
PITCH, ATTACK and DECAY for each individual sample/pad
EQ, VOLUME, PANNING, DELAY and 2xREVERB for each individual sample/pad
Six drum kits of legendary drum machines

Save drum beat as a project(beat) for later opening
Automatically project saving in DRAFTS when you leave the application
Keeping the last 20 draft projects
Export your beat to wav or ogg audio format
Share exported audio files via email and messengers

What's New

3.7.7 Improved handling of low latency audio issues
3.7.4 New arp presets
3.7.1 Improved sample manipulation
3.6.0 Synth arpeggiator
3.5.0 Pad controller for synths
3.4.8 New sounds and bug fixes
3.4.6 Track replace
3.4.4 Easier use of note repeat mode (drum rolls)
3.4.2 Handled storage updates in Android 11
3.4.1 Song mode error fixes. Improoved buffer and cycle size management
3.4.0 Song mode. Fixed audio distortion on some hi-end devices
3.3.11 Sample recording

Email: info@seqvence.co

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