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Jun 16, 2016
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For everyone who give a 1 star rating when the service were down for maintenance and for everyone needing help/having questions please visit the apps page of FB :

This is a tool to manage your contacts on and notify you whenever a contact is online or offline, and show you when the contact was last seen.

~ No Advertisements/ADS ~
~ 5 Days trial PER CONTACT ~

- Will not show you as "online"
- Audio notifications on contact online/offline.
- Widget showing contact last seen and button to mute/unmute notifications per contact.
- Notifications whenever contact changes profile picture
- Notifications whenever contact updates status

- Requires Login with G+ (Login with google) to sync your account with your account
- This app requires internet permission to fetch your contact list from
- Requires "prevent device from sleeping" to be able to use push notifications and notify you about your contacts (any application that shows you notifications has this)

Despite the 1-star-rating by people who expects everything to be free (well we are human beings who spend time and LOTS of resources to pay for servers/developer/maintenance/support ....) this service works as described and as any other system in the world it might fail temporarily and will be fixed asap. if you will have any question it is very easy to contact us (below) and we will help you directly and with a smile.

You should understand that this app receives the data and information from other sources which might be unavailable. so please before giving us a bad rating, try the application in another day or contact us for help.

If you have any trouble, please contact us directly through our facebook page :
Leaving a 1 star rating on the app because you don't know your country-code is not fair nor smart.

For any questions or support feel free to contact directly via facebook (fastest option).

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