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Oct 29, 2021
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SGETHER - Live Streaming APP

Communicate with more than one million global users through the live broadcasting of the SGETHER.
* Live streaming and simultaneous transmission are available on YouTube and Twitch.
* The received candies can be exchanged for cash.

SGETHER can broadcast the phone screen as is.
Enjoy various games with viewers and share your daily life through broadcasting !!

▶ Game play is being broadcast in real time!!

- Live streaming is available in YouTube and Twitch.
- 'Subscription', 'Like' and 'Super Chat' are connected.
- Grow your channel and become a popular streamer.
- All genres including RPG, FPS and strategy simulation can be broadcast.
- You can broadcast viewer participation, survival contents related to BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG), OVERWATCH, LEAGE of LEGENDS (LOL), MINECRAFT.

▶ Support your favorite streamers.

- You can support your favorite streamers with candy.
- TTS, voice and video support are also available.
- External platform support is also possible through overlay web source.

▶ Daily life sharing through timeline and follow

- Follow popular gamers and share the daily lives.
- You'll be notified when your favorite's broadcasting begins. Do not miss it!

▶ Radio or camera broadcasting

YouTube and Twitch can be simultaneously broadcast and multi-communication is possible.

▶ You can enjoy it with PCs.

Connect to and enjoy a cool video on the big screen.

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