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Shades of Meaning is a daily wordplay and vocabulary builder game

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UpdatedMay 30, 2016 (5 years ago)
DeveloperShades of Meaning
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Shades of Meaning is a daily wordplay and vocabulary builder where the user is challenged to find in the sentence on the initial screen a misused word (or, sometimes, a phrase):

The young couple purchases a set of extra-soft tiles to match their renovated master bathroom.

Paid users can then tap the Solution button to go to the next screen where the misused the word is highlighted and employed properly in a sentence. In that same sentence, the user will also meet the misused word's Shades of Meaning counterpart -- the word that should have been used in the first place to make the sentence read correctly:

The young couple buys a set of towels to match the new tiles in their renovated master bathroom.

Users can subscribe to the paid version to gain access to:

- Puzzle solutions;

- Archives of previous iSOM entries dating from October 1, 2012;

- Search archives for a particular word;

- Term definitions; and

- Bonus button to read a vignette or factoid of interest;

Each day a new entry appears on the Shades of Meaning home screen.

What's New

Bug fixes, new icon.

Email: developer@shadesofmeaning.net

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