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Mar 3, 2023
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Shake-it Alarm - Alarm Clock APP

Wake up to a healthy day with Shake-it Alarm clock, chosen by 6 million users!
Recommended by Google Play Editors, this alarm app helps you create a healthy lifestyle.
A healthy day starts with a good night/'s sleep, waking up refreshed, and managing stress.
Start your journey to a healthier life with Shake-it Alarm.
Shake-it Alarm strives to make every day perfect, from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep. Download now and try it out!
App Features
• Alarm - Wake-Up Call and Sleep mode
Experience a new way to wake up with a variety of mission alarms featuring your beloved Ice Friends characters!
→ Shake to turn off: Shake your phone to turn off the alarm.
→ Touch to turn off: Touch the screen to turn off the alarm.
→ Blow to turn off: Blow into your phone/'s microphone to turn off the alarm.
→ One-touch to turn off: Use the One-touch button to turn off the alarm.
Create a regular sleep schedule and wake up feeling refreshed every day with our Sleep mode and Wake-Up Call features!

• Sleep Record - Automatically records sleep time every day
Shake-it Alarm will automatically track your sleep time daily,
allowing you to analyze your sleep patterns and create healthier sleep habits.

• Step Counter - Measure daily steps and walking activities
Create a daily walking habit for a healthy lifestyle and track your steps and activities.
Walking regularly is an excellent way to improve balance, physical strength, and fitness.
With our Step Counter, you can easily monitor your progress on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and receive insightful reports, all for free!
Take advantage of this opportunity to walk your way to a healthier you!

• Drink Water - Receive reminders and track water intake
Staying hydrated is key to a healthy lifestyle.
You can easily track and record your daily water intake using our water drinking feature in Shake-it Alarm.
Set daily goals and see your progress over time to ensure you/'re getting enough water to keep your body in top shape.

• AlarmTalk - Connect with new friends in real-time chat
Say your morning greetings to people all around the world with our real-time random chat feature.
You can start your day by making new connections and building exciting relationships.

• Support 17 languages
English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, German, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Russian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malay, Thai, and Turkish.

Start and end your day with our adorable Shake-Alarm characters, Ice Friends.
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