Share my Current location app opens a map line between you and your beloved ones

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Free download Share My Location : GPS Tracker and Family Locator 1.0.6 apk app latest version for android


=> Share My Location is the new, fast, and simplifies way to share your GPS location with your beloved one.
GPS Tracker and the family locator is used to sharing a real-time location sharing and Google Map to let friends and family know your exact location.
Sharing location is used to get my location maps to see your current location and share with your family, customers, partner, friends and who matter most.
Hello, share your real-time locations used to address and organize your way and provide highly accurate location result and updates friends GPS location and also finding places in a city, It is not a Glimpse location share.

=> Make your family groups and friends GPS location with family tracker whoever matters most or near to you and send texts to them to remember my location and to find their arrival time.
Family Locator and tracker inform you if family member share location and then you can track him and his running that slow or fast is.

=> Family tracker and real-time location sharing can easily remember my location and every family member who near to me.
You can show your location with guests so that you can easily handle them can give more respect.Thanks, Family tracker because if someone talk with friends means path talk then he can easily meet him and enjoy freely.

=> This, new GPS tracker is used to tracking stolen phones or lost phones and can track easily the phones.
Friends location and this handy is used to help you stay connected in real time to the people that locate both Android and I Phones with Family Locator and Tracker.

=> Friends and family tracker app help and coordinates where about is your friends and family.
My GPS location has an easy interface and reliable view to use.
Share My Location: GPS Locator Friends and Family Tracker once install, it supports GPS tracker multi,
It means everyone can see every family member and ETA through icon appear on your screen.No one need to send text or message through location messenger.

=> GPS location tracking child tracker is an app that helps you to find your child location if he or she is out of the home.
Share my location locator tracker is an app through this every one can see the address of your street, and never get lost the address around the city.No one can use words lieu or store locations.
This GPS location tracker is an app if you lost your phone and you have to keep On this app and download map, so you can track phone easily.

=> Share My Location: GPS Locator Friends and Family Tracker can use for tracking and husband location and tag location if he is far away from her wife.
This real-time GPS tracking is most reliable,easy to use and helpful for family members.
By Using Share My Location app, you can share your location via messenger, Whats App, message, Skype and other sharing media.

=> Features:
Family tracker and locator have following features:

-> First Turn on GPS map.
-> Now you can Share your location via many sharing apps.
-> You can Copy your location and can share with your family and beloved one.
-> Everyone can View his location and his connected friends and family member.

=> How to use:
-> First turn on your GPS map by using "Turn On GPS" button of my location sharing app.
-> You can share your location by clicking on "share location" button.
-> Everyone can copy his/her current location by clicking on "copy location" button.
-> At last, user can view his/her current location on map by clicking on "View Location" button.

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Share My Location : GPS Tracker and Family Locator 1.0.6

Updated: 2019-05-30 (6 months ago)

1.0.6 (7) 2019-06-30
1.0.5 (6) 2019-02-03
1.0.4 (5) 2018-07-23
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