HELP! Sharks are coming to catch us from the ocean! Save us BABY lifeguard hero!


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Jul 18, 2015

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Shark Attack Babies Hero Rescue GAME

Help! There's a shark in the ocean! Someone call the lifeguard to chase down and catch that sea animal with a fast boat! Shark Attack! Babies Hero Rescue is an exciting lifeguard run, chase and catch game that lets babies play as a baby hero who drives a super fast speed boat! Skip along the ocean surface, chasing after that naughty shark. Catch the animal before it gets away!

It's not easy being an ocean lifeguard, especially when an animal like a shark is on the loose! Hop in your favorite speed boat and chase that animal across the sea, skipping along the waves as fast as the wind. There are many different types of boats to choose from your epic chase, including unique colors, designs and patterns! Make sure your fast boat ride across the sea is stylish!

With your lifeguard boat in hand, it's time to catch that ocean animal! Tap the screen to chase the shark across the sea. Avoid obstacles in your way so you can keep your speed as high as possible. Waves, boats and other things might get in your way, so keep your eyes peeled and watch out for anything you might crash into. Sharks don't slow down for anything, so you've got to work fast if you want to chase that thing down!

- Play as a baby lifeguard by the sea!
- Chase a shark across the ocean!
- Choose a speed boat to ride in.
- Dash across the water to chase that animal.
- Catch the shark and be a hero!
- Great game for all ages to play!

How to Play:
- Use the touch screen to pick out a boat.
- Control the baby so you don't run into anything on the sea.
- Capture the shark before it gets away.

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