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Dec 22, 2023
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Shashki - Russian draughts GAME

Russian checkers, also known as Shashki, Russian draughts is very popular logic game in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. Russian Checkers is a challenging board game that can train your logic and strategic skills.

The application contains powerful algorithm of game and friendly classic interface. Challenge your strategic skills with this relaxing game. Now you can enjoy the game of checker anywhere you may be, directly from your smart phone.

+ Advanced AI engine with 12 difficulty levels, AI also uses game openings for randomness
+ Online - ELO rating, online games history, leaderboards, achievements, chat, players blocking (VIP).
+ One or Two player mode - test your skills against the computer AI or challenge a friend on tablet
+ Ability to compose own checkers board position (for training and professional usage)
+ Compositions - prepared >400 compositions with 5 different difficulty levels from the beginner to master
+ Ability to analyze saved game, replay game from chosen position
+ Game openings - you can analyze described game openings
+ Ability to save games and continue later
+ Played games statistics
+ Many boards: wooden, plastic, flat marble, children style
+ Parental control - lock game settings with password and check your child productivity later in statistics
+ Ability to undo move also after game over
+ Auto-save

Game rules:
* The game is played on a 8×8 board with alternating dark and light squares.
* Each player starts with 12 pieces on the three rows closest to their own side. The row closest to each player is called the "crownhead" or "kings row". The player with white pieces moves first.
* Men move forward diagonally to an adjacent unoccupied square.
* If a player's piece moves into the kings row on the opposing player's side of the board, that piece to be "crowned", becoming a "king" and gaining the ability to move back or forward and choose on which free square at this diagonal to stop.
* If a man becomes king it can continue a capture, it jumps backwards as a king. The player can choose where to land after the capture.
* Capturing is mandatory and cannot be passed up to make a non-jumping move. When there is more than one way for a player to capture, one may choose which sequence to make. Player must make all the captures in that chosen sequence. A captured piece is left on the board until all captures in a sequence have been made but cannot be jumped again (Turkish capturing rules).
* A player with no valid move remaining loses. This is the case if the player either has no pieces left or if a player's pieces are obstructed from making a legal move by the pieces of the opponent. A game is a draw if neither opponent has the possibility to win the game. The game is considered a draw when the same position repeats itself for the third time, with the same player having the move each time. If one player proposes a draw and his opponent accepts the offer. If a player has three kings in the game against a single enemy king and his 15th move cannot capture enemy king.
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