Shatranj ka khel APK

Multi Featured,Fully Optimised Chess Game made by Ashish Awasthi

VersionBeta 1.2 (5)
UpdatedDec 12, 2017 (3 years ago)
DeveloperTechCamel Infosec
CategoryGames, Board

* Opening book
* Unlimited undo/redo
* Copy/paste to/from clipboard
* Analysis mode
* Two player mode
* Computer vs computer mode
* Edit board
* Support for PGN variations
* Multiplayer support coming soon!

* In game mode, long press chess board to activate copy/paste menu.
* In edit board mode, long press chess board to activate edit menu.
* Scroll left/right on the chess board to undo/redo moves.
* If the game contains multiple variations, scroll up/down on the chess board to go to the previous/next variation.

Shatranj ka khel can analyze games to find better alternatives to moves. By using hints described above, players can optimize strategies and use the computer to improve their play. Analysis can be activated in Settings.

Opening book
Shatranj ka khel contains a small internal opening book. If you want to use a larger book, you can configure Shatranj ka khel to use a polyglot book file:
1. Create a directory called Shatranj ka khel on the SD card folder.
2. Copy one or more polyglot book files to the Shatranj_ka_khel directory.
3. From the program menu, activate the Select opening book function.
4. Select the opening book file you want to use.

PGN files
Shatranj ka khel can load games from PGN files. To use this feature:
1. Create a directory called Shatranj_ka_khel/pgn on the SD card folder.
2. Copy one or more PGN files to the Shatranj_ka_khel/pgn directory.
3. Long press the chess board and select Load game from PGN file.
4. Select the file, then the game within the file you want to load.

Ashish Awasthi

What's New

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Email: awasthi.ashish.1998@gmail.com

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