Sheep TD: Most Complex Game Ever APK

Warning: Complicated Gameplay! Only for hardcore strategists who like to explore

Version2.0.6 (2000006)
UpdatedMay 13, 2018 (3 years ago)
DeveloperY-Era Studios
CategoryGames, Adventure

This is the full version with cash shop disabled, no further purchase required. Just enjoy the full game without the pay-to-win nonsense.

- Complicated gameplay mechanics. There are just too many things to explore, an endless combination of strategies.
- New Gameplay that combines Finger tapping and Tower Defense mechanics.
- Explore 10 worlds and defeat formidable bosses (more to come).
- Explore the vortex portal to farm other precious resources.
- More than 300 towers evolution, each with a unique skill.
- Play with 6 elements and more than 1000 levels of upgrades.
- Summon sheep hero on the field to fight the hordes. Each sheep hero can level up and gain talents.
- Fuse crystals and equip them on the towers.
- Craft essences to boost all towers.
- Access magic shop to cast an incredible spell.
- Build in wiki book that provides strategies for different enemies and bosses. Some stages might need some thinking and careful planning.
- Many other things to explore, too complicated to list them all.
- No advertisement.
- Playable offline.

Free 500 clovers for slaying world bosses.

If you like it, support us by rating and sharing the game. This will motivate us to design more levels and new games. If you have ideas about new bosses, levels or even new games, few free to suggest!

Thank you so much for supporting our game design hobby!

Email: addistinct@gmail.com

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