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NameSheetal Academy APK
Version1.1 (8)
UpdatedJul 14, 2018
DeveloperAarvicor Systems pvt. ltd.
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Sheetal Academy's English Learning app

Sheetal Academy pvt Ltd. ,brings you with innovative method to learn English

Others know the fruits..We know the roots

With physical Existence since 1989 Sheetal Academy Private Limited has always been a pioneer in field of teaching professional English. With over 28 years of research in English Language we are very aggressive in making people learn the language.

Why you would love the app?

Learning English is a prime necessity of the world today. With the growing use of Computers it has become mandatory and English is now a global communication language over the Internet. Books will give you examples and techniques to develop your language but The digital Learning App By Sheetal Academy will provide you tips and tricks to build your own sentences, set of vocabulary, Use of English in day to day life.

What is The English Learning App by Sheetal Academy?

In this App we have different categories, that make you develop English Language Skills effectively. With help of Android application we are providing you with English Teachers in your Pockets. We have Categorized in simple way as follows:

1) Grammar
The Basics of any language start with Grammar, so it is very important to master grammatical skills for any language before mastering that language. In this application our Grammar Section includes Episodes 1-21 for grammar. These videos will teach you basic tricks and tips for getting a proper command on grammar which includes tenses, active voice, passive voice, construction of sentences, etc

2) Spoken English
Episode 22 and 23 will make you develop your English speaking skills and be efficient in day to day use of the language.

3)Rich Vocabulary I
In learning a language, Vocabulary plays an important role. There are many activities we do in day to day life. Most of the times we get confused with How to convey the same activity in English. This indeed needs a good vocabulary. In sheetal Digital Learning Application our aim is to make you learn English words that can describe day to day activities of your life. Watching this video will make you understand different words.

4)Rich Vocabulary II
Apart from day to day activities there are many words in English. Episode 26 & 27 will add you with knowledge of complicated words in English and Easy Explanation for the same.

5) Idioms & Proverbs
There a many Idioms and proverbs in this world but we really don't know the exact meanings of same. In this sections we have covered with few of them with easy description for each.

6) Animated vocabulary
In this part again we have given an explanation of words using animated characters.

7)News Paper and Magazines.
Reading News papers add to your knowledge but the fact is "Language used in news papers is professional and high level that can't be understood by common people. In this section we learn the difficult words and sentences from news papers.

8) Movies Audio
People love Hollywood movies but there are may who are unable to understand them just because of high level Vocabulary. We have just made it easy with audio explanations.

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