Shop Looter APK

Be a crazy looter of the town & steal things from the shop as an extreme thief!

Version1.3 (4)
UpdatedMar 25, 2020 (6 months ago)
DeveloperNo Brain State
CategoryGames, Simulation

Shop looter games offers you a chance to make a grand show of your mastermind plans at all incredible levels of extreme city hero operation of grand underworld superhero escape games.
Enjoy the thief game with house crime and stealth game mission as a robbery master. You should become the best thief master & city criminal  in the gang by stealing the most valuable objects from the shopping mall shop as king of thieves. Become the king and complete your thief targets by playing this amazing thief shop looter 3D games.

Prove yourself a stealth hero in the line of thieves and naughty boys of city openworld criminal games. You often have multiple stealing options in this thief shop looter simulator game, select something which is the most worthy thing from the house & escape from the shop security guards like a crazy looter of the town. 

Avoid the security guards to make robbery successful, move corner to corner, sneak past security guards pick security locks and execute successful infiltration. It's all part of your daily occupation as a notorious and naughty thief in pickpocket games. The key to completing successful escape missions in this stealth thief looter game is remaining undetected and being sharp to become hero thief. 

Lives is the key to execute extreme robbers’ missions in the allocated lives of this shop looter simulator game. So, steal as much as you can in a thief simulator open world games and become a naughty thief in city robbery games. Escaping can be hard and tough but not impossible. Make tricky moves, follow the arrows as these will keep you on the correct path, grab health, avoid laser lights & accomplish your crazy shop looter 3D mission.

Be the best thief in town and rock the city with your robbery missions. Clear all levels to earn and achieve high rankings in this robbery game and you will find it the most addicting thief shop looter game. Hide and clear, get keys avoid cameras and lasers else you will be busted, get power ups to make your extreme robbery open world  mission easy and secure.


- Challenging crazy shop looter escape mission 
- Feel the excitement and thrill in the escape game.
- Use your extreme survival skills to stay alive & win the shop looter extreme mission.
- Perform amazing underworld city criminal stunts to survive
- Intuitive controls so you can play just the way you want
- Epic sound effects & 3D animations

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